In September 2011, DELA GmbH celebrated its ongoing successful growth by opening its Secondary Raw Materials Centre on the Dorsten/Marl industrial estate. The facility represents the company's fourth site and is situated in a central location in the north of the Ruhr region of Germany. This location provides a direct connection to Europe's tightest transport and waterway network and is therefore an optimal starting point for the company's sales and logistics activities within Europe.

The core technologies operated at the DELA site in Dorsten are a rotary kiln and a vacuum dryer. The rotary kiln is equipped with a secondary combustion chamber (SCC) and its own flue gas cleaning process. Innovative low-emission technologies for eco-friendly processing are used to treat a wide variety of different waste streams. In particular industrial waste containing non-ferrous metals or mercury from the fields of crude oil and natural gas extraction, chlorine production and the chemical industry are treated in the DELA plants.

The site in Dorsten is also home to DELA's unique stabilisation process that enables to convert highly toxic mercury into a neutral mercury sulphide form (HgS). HgS is harmless to the environment and can be safely disposed of in German salt mines. This patented stabilisation process for the conversion of metallic mercury into mercury sulphide is currently the only process of its kind on a global level.

Waste Treatment at the Dorsten Site

Processing contaminated filter materials containing non-ferrous metals and/or mercury, activated carbons, spent catalysts, industrial sludges, button cells, soils, treating (removing mercury from) fluorescent powder and stabilising mercury by converting it into mercury sulphide.

System engineering at the Dorsten site

Distillation and roastingTreating (bulk) non-ferrous waste and waste containing mercury
Vacuum dryingTreating industrial sludges
Mercury stabilisation (HgS)Stabilising metallic mercury by converting it into mercury sulphide
High-purity distillationProducing high purity mercury in a number of different quality grades